Inventory Management

Our inventory management module helps to power your store inventory supporting various tasks such as purchases, raw materials portioning, finished goods, expiry tracking, multi store transfers, labelling, profits, bundles

Customer Management

Track customers, manage customer records, give loyalty cards, give credits and track debits. Automate birthday alerts and send bulk sms and bulk emails

Point-of-sale & Invoicing

The integrated point-of-sale is the simplest to learn and use. Easily create and post invoices, manage returns, post payments in multiple ways and periods.

Store Bookkeeping

Add assets and depreciate them automatically, post your daily operating expenses and monitor your P/L and Balance sheet automatically. Track taxes and payables to suppliers

Business Reports Anywhere

Login to your dashboard to follow your business reports, monitor sales, inventory and cash for multiple stores. Update prices of goods from anywhere and track electronic commerce orders

E-Commerce/Payments Integration

Store harmony is built in to help stores and shops track orders from online stores and is able to integrate cashless payments in a way to helps to automatically stay consistent with inventory

Over 50 Billion Naira Worth of Inventory Managed

  • Supporting the Fashion Industry
  • Sell, Manage and Distribute Aso-Ebi
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  • Powering Food and Groceries Retail Sector
  • Helping Restuarants Cut Waste and Manage Inventory
Supporting the Fashion Industry1 Sell, Manage and Distribute Aso-Ebi2 Powering Pharmaceutical Distribution of Drugs3 Powering Food and Groceries Retail Sector4 Helping Restuarants Cut Waste and Manage Inventory5


Rock Solid & Enterprise Grade Inventory Features

Store harmony provides the most comprehensive and easily accessible inventory management system you can find. It provides a well integrated accountability system that lets you automatically handle some of the most difficult control tasks in a very simple way that is not burdensome to SMEs who have basic computing skillsets. From purchase Invoices, to finishing stock, to reorder management to expiry management, Store Harmony is able to manage your inventory in a way that helps you also enforce enterprise level complaiance across board.

Key features

Inventory Lookup, checkouts with payment and capture based payments support, pictures, adding pictures, discounts, saved invoices, receipt printing and many more

Your Reports in Real-Time

From the comfort of your head office, you can analyze sales from all your stores from across the nation, you can get consolidated sales from your dashboard and consolidated profit for the day and the month

Track the Inventory Levels of all your stores

Improving your supply chain process requires you are watching the performance of all your retail points. Store harmony Online report system provides you with these capability

Get Business SMS Alerts Daily

Daily SMS reports are sent to your mobile which helps you get information quickly about your daily sales from all your network of stores ahead of an official report.

Sell in Store, Sell on Mobile, Sell Online

The StoreHarmony growing multi channel support will enable you link so many sales channels to a single inventory management backend all able to work offline/online with minimal supervision

Accept Payments Directly

Get your payments systems integrated easily to make accepting payments free of mistakes, hassles and reduce the settlement time to nearly instantly

Get Business SMS Alerts Daily

Daily SMS reports are sent to your mobile which helps you get information quickly about your daily sales from all your network of stores ahead of an official report.

Send Inventory From Store To Store

Managing your chain of stores could be a real headache due to inventory management problems. Stores loose stock unaccounted for and find themselves having to trust staffs as a basis for accountability. Not anymore. When you deploy Store harmony, you take stock count in one place and wire your inventory like money. This wire is electronically picked up at the other store and stock count verified only by remote store managers. Transaction rates apply.

Give Mobile Apps to Your Store Manager

For stores with existing solutions for their Point-of-Sale, Store Harmony provides a mobile app for your store managers to use to post reports daily on inventory levels to you which can all synchronize to your admin end

Track Stock Levels for all your network of stores

Wouldn't it be fun to sit in your head office and watch your stock levels across all your chain of stores or warehouses in realtime? With Store harmony technology, this has never being easier for you

Small Business Accounting

Validating profitability is a common headache with many SMEs who do not have the money to hire expensive accountants or even the time for complexity. We know of this problem which is why Store harmony provides a simple yet effective accounting system that is so easy to use you will rather save your accounting budget

Manages Your Rent and Asset Depreciation Automatically

All your capital assets and store rent are automatically depreciated for you and matched with your gross profit

Can help autopilot posting regular and steady expenses

Expenses that you have already fixed their monthly budgets such as Electricity, TV Subscription, Internet Subscription can be autopiloted and stopped at any time

Income Statement and Balance Sheet generated automatically

With your income statement and balance sheet data, you make the work very easy for your accountants

Works Well With Many Business Hardware

Store harmony makes generating and printing barcodes easy. Receipts for customers are rich and can be configured easily with your logo and other settings

Windows 8 & 10 Touch Ready

Easy support for Windows 8 and 10 touch screens makes store harmony well adequate for stores that want sales to happen using more of touch inputs and less of keyboard hassles

Get First Class Support

Our growing network of support technical officers are readily deployed nationwide to help handle your technical issues. We have customers in Portharcourt, Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Bauchi and we can get our support across to you as needed. Other terms and conditions may apply

Experts to deploy your systems

We help deploy and bring your system up and running

Training for your staffs

Staff training on how to handle complex sales processes and important basics of inventory management

Support your Inventory Data Entry Process

We have support services to assist your inventory counting process ranging from labelling of stock to providing effective hands to help with your inventory

System Updates

Because business continually evolves, we provide regular updates to ship new critical business functions.

Shared Cloud Pricing Plans

Note: Partners or agents may include additional service charges if they have to physically come over to your location to implement. Visit StoreHarmony Outlet with your computers or devices to obtain at the following prices or deploy using the guidelines available below at the download section. Downloads and Install Here

Extended Services

StoreHarmony team provides additional B2B value added services to our customers to help them get started faster and also run smoothly from time to time

Inventory Onboarding and Labelling

Here we help provide inventory data audit and data entry, labelling and valuation for your inventory, raw materials and other working equipment. This is important to help you have 3rd parties validate your stock and prevent knowledge of the system to help keep your staffs in check. We provide a team ranging from 1 to 5 per job to report during a period to help complete the task. Rates are set
NGN25,000 Per day (team of 2 persons)

Staff Training & Academy

We provide adequate training for your team in being able to intelligently take advantage of the solution for your business. As businesses differ in their requirements, helping your team get a one-to-one mapping of software features to business tasks is recommended. Our retail giants academy is an arm that trains and empowers potential retail management employees on financial intelligence, customer service and inventory management. You can enroll anyone you are intending to hire
Rates are set NGN 25,000 Per Management Staff & NGN10,000 per cashier staff

Lending and Credit Facilitation

Storeharmony is connecting to a pool of credit institutions that will offer faster loans to businesses on the platform. We offer financial reporting services that help busy SMEs fast track to availability of their business reports and track records to make their application smoother and more reliable. With our up coming One-Button apply feature, getting credit to drive your purchase orders will become a breeze

Payments and e-Commerce Integration

We provide and configure POS terminals that can be integrated with your store harmony for a more integrated accounting experience with your cashier points. Store harmony can integrate with various cashless payment solutions ranging from Card terminals, Mobile Phone wallets, QR Code capture solutions and NFC. Contact us today to commence your integration

Extended Implementation Support

Get a team of business process implementation experts to work with your special business workflow and implement a well tailored system to your needs. For large scale businsses requiring deployment of more than 5 stores and more than 12 concurrent users spread across various roles, it is required to sign up for extended implemenetation support.
Charges NGN 35,000 per day


Storeharmony provides embedded insurance for its merchants which gives them covering to the tune of 15 million over their inventory as they manage their stock. This insurance covers the business in situation of natural disasters or polical unrests helping you lower your risk as you do business in a peculair enviroment. Learn more about our insurance package. Click here to learn more

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Basic Requirements: Windows 7 PC, Min. RAM: 4GB, HDD 500GB and Internet Access for activation and remote admin functions

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Basic Requirements: Android 5.0 and above with internet access

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Platform Clients Access

StoreHarmony Cloud

Storeharmony Cloud based dashboard gives existing users access to all their reports, data and ecommerce linking of their stores. You must have deployed the desktop version or the android version to get the full benefit of the online dashboard

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StoreHarmony Developers

Storeharmony APIs will enable third party systems get data from storeharmony and also place orders from various apps that can be sent automatically to physical stores order management dashboards

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Many More...

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