Inventory Management

Our inventory management module helps to power your store inventory supporting various tasks such as costs, batches, multi store, transfers, labelling, profits,bundles

Customer Management

Track customers, manage customer records, give loyalty cards, give credits and track debits. Automate birthday alerts and send bulk sms and bulk emails

Point-of-sale & Invoicing

The integrated point-of-sale is the simplest to learn and use. Easily create and post invoices, manage returns, post payments in multiple ways and periods.

Simple Accounting

Add assets and depreciate them automatically, post your daily operating expenses and monitor your P/L and Balance sheet automatically. Track taxes and payables to suppliers

Business Reports Anywhere

Login to your dashboard to follow your business reports, monitor sales, inventory and cash for multiple stores. Update prices of goods from anywhere and track electronic commerce orders

Commerce Integration

Deploy Storeharmony, connect your domain, and you are LIVE in one day. Its really that simple to get your store online using Store harmony. Payment and logistics are integrated and your developers can get API to do more.

Manages over 10 Billion Naira Worth of Sales yearly


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Download and Setup Instructions

Get Store Harmony 3 (Project SHE)

Basic Requirements: Windows 7 or 10, 32-bit JRE version 8. Min. RAM: 2GB, preferrably 4GB, HDD 500GB and Internet Access for remote admin functions

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Pricing Plans

Licenses are customizable and reconfigurable based on client needs

Basic Plan

one-off license fee, single point
Per Month 2 year financing model

  • PC-User Points 1
  • Inventory Management: Limited
  • Services Invoicing: Limited
  • POS/Over Counter Checkout: Yes
  • Customer/Loyalty Management: Limited
  • Max. User Accounts: 3
  • Email/SMS Business Reports : Limited
  • SME Accounting: Limited
  • Integration/Customizations: None
  • Extended Support: None

Additional LAN Points

not supported

Not Supported
Per PC

With Cloud Admin (BASIC)

+ 6,500
Per Month (per store)

Standard Plan

one-off license fee, per server point
or 16,500
Per Month 2 year financing model

  • Added PC-User Points 2
  • Inventory Management: Full
  • Services Invoicing: Full
  • POS/Over Counter Checkout: Yes
  • Customer/Loyalty Management: Yes
  • Max. User Accounts: Unlimited
  • Email/SMS Business Reports : Yes
  • SME Accounting: Full
  • Integration/Customizations: No
  • Extended Support: 3 days

Additional LAN Points

extended lan terminals

+ 70,000
Per PC

With Cloud Admin

+ 12,500
Per Month (per store)

Stores + Warehouse

max. 3 stores channels (one-off)
25% annual support
or 75,500
Per Month subscription model

  • Added PC-User Points: 12
  • Inventory Management: Full
  • Services Invoicing: Full
  • POS/Over Counter Checkout: Yes
  • Customer/Loyalty Management: Yes
  • Max. User Accounts: Unlimited
  • Email/SMS Business Reports : Yes
  • SME Accounting: Full
  • Integration/Customizations: Yes
  • Extended Support: 1 month

Additional LAN Points

extended lan terminals

+ 50,000
Per PC (negotiable on volume)

With Cloud Admin

+ 45,500
Per Month (per store)

Extended Services

StoreHarmony team provides additional value added services to our customers to help them get started faster and also run smoothly from time to time

Asset counting and Labelling

Here we help provide counting, data entry and labelling for your inventory, raw materials and other working equipment. This is important to help you have 3rd parties validate your stock and prevent knowledge of the system to help keep your staffs in check. We provide a team ranging from 1 to 5 per job to report during a period to help complete the task. Rates are set Per day/Per person

Staff training

We provide adequate training for your team in being able to intelligently take advantage of the solution for your business. As businesses differ in their requirements, helping your team get a one-to-one mapping of software features to business tasks is recommended. Rates are set Per Train the trainer

Financial Reporting

With our financial experts team we are able to provide financial reporting services to help you combine your store harmony data with your bank statement and create a full financial statement needed to raise capital or commence tax audit. Rates are set Per Month based on number of months to analyze

App development & eCommerce Integration

We provide electronic commerce integration with your store to allow you take advantage of various electronic interfaces that will help you easily recieve and manage orders from various types of channels. We help to bring the ideas you have to retail your products innovatively to live.

Hardware sales and support

Get the best hardware at the best rates from our hardware unit. With this we can provide for you a fully integrated experience and unify your support services to reduce your downtimes

Cloud Backup

We provide cloud backup storage for clients who need to secure their database in the cloud to ensure it can be retreived in case of system crash or fire incident. Free for anyone with Standard Plan with Cloud Admin plan

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Many More...

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